Mac Tools MB1004-OR Tool Box Front, Rear & Sides, CLEAR Paint Scratch Protection Kit

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Mac Tools MB1004OR Tool Box, CLEAR scratch / chip guard paint protection film set.


CLEAR protection film kit comes as a set of protection films, as shown in item image.

Protection kit includes:

- Front panels protection i.e lock panel, drawers etc.

- Rear panels protection

-Side panels protection (Please note: Information stickers fitted to both side panels, there is a risk film may pull off the stickers if removed.) 


The front lock panel & drawers have various badge cut outs, but if required it can be left uncut. (Please specify at payment, otherwise the cut out item will be sent) PLEASE NOTE THAT SOMETIMES AT THE FACTORY THE BADGES CAN BE FITTED IN A SLIGHT DIFFERENT PLACE


Aliath film kits help to protect against chips / Scratches on vulnerable areas of your toolbox.

This protection film kit is machine cut from high quality German made, Scratch/chip guard protection specific film. The film is machine cut for increased accuracy and easier fitment of the kits.


Protect your tool box, With Aliath protection film kit.


All of our kits come with fitting procedures included to enable an easier fitment technique.