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Bicycle Bike Frame Universal Flex Fit (Large kit) BLACK TEXTURED Scratch & Chip Guard Paint Protection

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Bicycle frame universal flex fit BLACK TEXTURED Scratch & stone chip guard paint protection film set.

Kit contains:

X2 Large Flex Fit (305mm x 49mm)

X2 Medium Flex Fit (220mm x 35mm)

X4 Small Oval (35mm x 19mm)

X2 Medium Oval (49mm x 19mm)

X1 Chainstay (245mm x 40mm)


The flex fit films are designed to have better conformity around curved / bent tubes, enabling an easier fitment of the protection films. 


BLACK TEXTURED protection film kit comes as a set of protection films, as shown in item image silhouette.


Aliath film kits help to protect against small stone chips / Scratches on vulnerable areas of bicycle frame exterior parts. 

This protection film kit is machine cut from high quality, Stone guard protection specific film. The film is machine cut for increased accuracy and easier fitment of the kits.


All of our kits come with fitting procedures included to enable an easier fitment technique.